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So you record your own music, and you need someone to professionally mix & master it for you... We can help! We'll get your music professionally mixed & mastered to take your sound to the next level! (Please read all info below before purchasing!)

How it Works

  1. You record all layers to your song (vocals, beats, instruments, et cetera). 
  2. Choose how many tracks you are sending us to be mixed & mastered into your final song.
  3. Let us know if you want *pitch correction. (See FAQ for details)
  4. Send us your audio files. After you check out, we will send you an email with directions and tips.
  5. Within a week or so, we will send you your fully mixed & mastered song! You will have a chance to listen to it and let us know what you think. If there is anything you want changed, let us know. We will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied with your finished product!


  • Pricing for your song will depend on what you want done & how many audio files you need mixed & mastered. Here are the current rates:

Base price...

  • 1-10 audio files: $47
  • 11-20 audio files: $67
  • 21-30 audio files: $87
  • If you need to send more than 30 audio files, contact us before purchasing so we can help you get the best value possible. 


Pitch correction: $10



What is pitch correction? Pitch correction is when you recorded something off-pitch and want it to be fixed by the audio engineer. (If you choose this option, make sure you let us know what you want corrected.)

I want to sound like my favorite rapper or singer... Is that possible? Our partners can likely make you sound MORE like them than you do now, but no studio or engineer can make you sound like a different person. If there is still an song whose style you want to sound similar to, feel free to send us a link to it. Remember this: the better your recording is before editing, the better it will be after. These engineers are professionals, and they will help you sound like the best YOU that you can be! 

How much does it cost to get a Zaney Division artist featured on my song? It depends! Our artists charge various amounts for features, and it will be up to them whether they choose to accept or not. Send us a feature request here.

How can I become an official Zaney Division Artist? Good news... Purchasing a mixing & mastering package guarantees that we will hear your music and put time into working on it with you. Think of this as a personal try-out! If we feel like you're a good fit for the label, we will contact you with an offer. 

Can you get my music on iTunes and Spotify? Yes, and a bunch of other platforms as wellCheck out our digital distribution packages here. Save yourself time and energy by ordering digital distribution along with your mix & master!

Will you promote my music to get it more exposure? Yes! We only do free promotion for signed Zaney Division artists, however we partner with Omari MC to make it possible for you to get the exposure you're looking for without being signed to a label. Click here for promotion. *Keep in mind that we only promote clean music, and we reserve the right to accept or reject any song for promotion.*

I still have more questions! Awesome. Send an email to, and we will answer any questions you have. We will do everything we can to ensure a great experience for you. We look forward to working with you!

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